Bob (6)

Patricia (7 1/2)

Brenea (16)


After carrying the grief and loss in my life, the war is over. EMDR has had an amazing effect on my life. After just a few sessions (I knew Kate before trying this therapy) I can honestly tell you I am happier with life. I no longer walk around in the fog wishing I just felt better. It feels like I came out of a dim room into sunshine and fresh air. I had lost my zest for life without realizing it. The zest is back and I enjoy the day rain or shine. I am once again sleeping quality sleep and back to having dreams. My life feels balanced and back on track and I really appreciate that.

My family has noticed the change. My son asked me “what happened to you?” You don’t sound so angry all the time. My daughter said you seem peaceful and more relaxed, not on edge like before. These are things I didn’t know about myself. Now I am glad they are in the past. Thank you Kate, I owe you a debt of gratitude for knowing how to help me out. You made my life so much better.

- Patty

I am 60 years old and I must be honest when I tell you that I was a skeptic when I first started EMDR with Kate. I thought there would never be a way that I could deal with the robbery, the rape of my girlfriend in my presence, our lives being threatened over and over again or the way the police treated us when they were called.

It has been over 40 years since that incident and I have carried the pain, guilt, sorrow, and anger over what took place.

I was astonished to find that EMDR worked in relieving the emotions connected with the incident that took place so many years ago and I am so very thankful.

I can’t say enough about EMDR and hope that someday more people who have faced trauma will be able to go to someone trained in this amazing therapy.

Thank you Kate for your support, caring, and sessions with EMDR. It has changed my life. I am now free of the things I carried for so long.

- Randy

My granddaughter at age five Was successfully able to participate in EMDR Therapy with Kate Mounts. What I would like to share is a glimpse of a life changing moment in time for my granddaughter and myself.

My granddaughter starting seeing Kate for regular counseling once a week for multiple diagnosis caused when she endured sad and traumatic events from birth until she was three at which time she came to live with me. There seemed to be so many issues to sort through before defining the root of the events that triggered so many extreme behaviors. I thought my granddaughter was loosing her mind and I felt so helpless and confused. I myself had never experienced anything like what she was going through and I had no idea where to start.

Kate Mounts explained EMDR and gave me some literature that helped understand what was going on in my granddaughter’s mind and how EMDR would benefit her even at her age.

Later Kate had me put together a short story that touched on core events, changing the names but making the story as accurate as possible. This would be important later. As Kate began to read the story during EMDR sessions my granddaughter’s mind was drawn in and she not only related herself to the story being read, she went beyond and filled in the blanks…..amazing! Then Kate filled in the important life changing emotions required for dealing with the past and confronting the present, again, it was….amazing!. Empowering to say the least!

My granddaughter is now able to talk about some of the things that happened to her without melting down. She does not have shame on board anymore. She no longer self-inflicts pain, she does not have her tantrums or fight with other children, she is no longer eating under the table, she can now freely express herself. It is as if her mind is free and she is at peace. She is genuinely happy and knows she is loveable and loved. What a huge difference EMDR therapy and Kate have made in our lives. Thank you, Kate.

- Nancy

Kate, Thanks for giving me my mom back.

- November

Kate is really nice, isn’t she mom? She is making me happier.

- Bob, age 6 years

Kate is really really nice. Kate understands kids and I think she could help parents and grandparents too. She helps kids with problems at home or with friends or if someone you love dies. She helps you if your dad leaves the house and things like that too. Kate is funny and she has fun things to do in her office too.

- Patricia, age 7 ½ years

Kate has been a huge influence on me, she has helped so much and I feel so much better about myself. EMDR has helped me with hard memories. I have been able to let go of the worry and anger. I feel I have learned new things about myself and feel more mature. It helped me feel I can trust again. Kate has been there for me.

- Breana, age 16